Strategic Objectives

We channel our work towards strategic objectives aligned with each core area, but there are strong interdependencies across the three. While each objective is anchored in a specific core area, we enhance connections and facilitate collaborations across all our work.

Collaborative Health Education 

UBC Health is integrating interprofessional and collaborative health education to shape the workforce of tomorrow. This will propel continued transformation in teaching and learning across health and health-related programs, in both classroom and clinical settings, to help foster practices of team-based care.

  • Education innovation: Renew classroom-based and develop practice-based curricula, reinforced by scholarship in health education
  • Expanded placements: Help UBC’s health and health-related programs develop models that build placement capacity, as well as promote collaborative placements across British Columbia
  • Education ecosystem in team-based care: Support the establishment of a team-based clinic on campus and connect existing campus and other clinics as learner-informed models for team-based education

For more information on initiatives aligned with this core area, visit Collaborative Health Education

Interdisciplinary Health Research 

UBC Health is catalyzing interdisciplinary collaborations in health research. This will provide enhanced support for health research priorities that cross disciplines and align with sector priorities, underpinned by integrated data access and training.

  • Community of practice: Foster an active community of health research practice and mentorship, supporting and connecting health scholars and students
  • New research collaborations: Stimulate and support health research collaborations
  • Data infrastructure: Contribute to provincial efforts to develop an integrated health research data infrastructure

For more information on initiatives aligned with this core area, visit Interdisciplinary Health Research

Health Systems

UBC Health is advocating for and helping to develop capacity for positive change in health. This will facilitate the application of advances in education and research through inclusive and coordinated engagement with the practitioners, communities, and policymakers who have interest in health.

  • Public and patient engagement: Expand engagement to advance diverse community priorities, enhance learner experiences, and align research activities
  • Coordinated responses: Coalesce experts and efforts to further collaborative health education and interdisciplinary research in response to pressing health challenges
  • Evidence for new approaches: Help align university and sector activities to establish evidence for new approaches to health

For more information on initiatives aligned with this core area, visit Health Systems.

Our Plan in Action

To learn more about the activities we have undertaken towards meeting our objectives, visit Our Plan in Action