UBC Health enables and enhances interprofessional and collaborative health education and interdisciplinary research to train people, develop knowledge, and shape policy—seeking to address inequities and improve the systems that produce health.

We advance these aims by promoting and facilitating collaborations across disciplines and faculties at UBC’s Vancouver and Okanagan campuses, as well as with communities, institutions, and government organizations across British Columbia. 

UBC Health works under the auspices of the Office of the Vice-President, Health. In collaboration with disciplines across UBC, we take an inclusive, equitable, and integrated approach to advance our core areas of collaborative health education, interdisciplinary research, and health systems. 

We coalesce experts and efforts to further collaborative health education and research in response to pressing health challenges, helping to align university and sector activities to establish evidence for new approaches to health. Through our work, we are strengthening UBC’s capacity for excellence in health education and research and creating opportunities for improved health and system outcomes. 

We are integrating interprofessional and collaborative health education across health disciplines to shape the workforce of tomorrow. We work with our partners to advance collaborative education through innovative approaches that enrich our health programs and extend into practice.

We are catalyzing interdisciplinary collaborations in health research. We facilitate and promote interdisciplinary health research that goes beyond traditional departmental and institutional boundaries.

We are advocating for and helping to develop capacity for positive change in health. We work with health sector partners across BC to enable dialogue, activate assets, and advance policies and innovations to improve health systems at individual and community levels. 

We are expanding patient and public engagement across health education, research, and systems to advance diverse community priorities and enhance learner experiences. 

Through our work, we are establishing new ways of working and fostering a culture of purposeful collaboration by facilitating knowledge exchange and synergies in health across UBC as well as mobilizing UBC as a partner and coordinating with provincial initiatives.

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