Health is an attribute of individuals, communities, and societies and is a fundamental resource for daily living. 

Health is shaped by a wide range of determinants, from individual genetics and risk factors to social and environmental exposures, such as early childhood experiences, education, work, and—fundamentally—social and economic position. Health can be measured in many ways, for example, based on the presence or absence of disease, or through more qualitative understanding of personal or community assets and capabilities. Threats to health and inequities in health can be addressed through thoughtful public policy, supportive environments that nurture both community action and individual skills, and strong healthcare systems that include prevention.

The evolution of healthcare towards an integrated system focused on individual and community well-being is a challenge of global importance and urgency. Supporting this transformation is a strategic priority for UBC.A goal for UBC Health is to better coordinate UBC health communities – across both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses - with a focus on patients and communities, while encouraging creativity and remaining true to the disciplines each encompasses.

UBC Health enables more systematic collaboration across health programs at the University. UBC has a wide range of world-renowned health programs that span across faculties, campuses and the province. As such, UBC is uniquely placed to play a leading role in British Columbia and Canada in the transition to a health care system that is patient-centered, community-based, and team-oriented and evidence-based.

Specifically, UBC Health will work to enhance collaboration and integration in research and education across faculties and schools, with particular focus on large-scale grants and academic program development, including inter-professional education; enable a shared approach to addressing overlapping issues (e.g., faculty recruitment, research gaps, program delivery costs, clinical placement capacity, data systems); and to help build capacity to coordinate and manage external relations with appropriate governmental ministries, provincial health authorities, and collaborative frameworks such as the developing Academic Health Sciences Network.

By facilitating closer linkages and collaborations across disciplines and sectors, UBC Health aims to strengthen the University’s impact and capacity for excellence in health education and research, and to create the opportunity for improved wellbeing and patient outcomes, accelerated knowledge development and innovation, and greater training effectiveness.

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