Strategic Plan

UBC Health’s strategic plan represents the vision and priorities of the University of British Columbia in advancing collaborative health. It provides a roadmap to guide our activity across both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses and outlines a set of outcomes against which we can hold ourselves accountable. It also creates a framework to support new collaborations that help draw the university and the communities we serve closer together. 

Our purpose

BETTER HEALTH TOGETHER: Connecting people, ideas, and actions to advance health outcomes, equity, and systems

Our core areas and objectives

Our work focuses on three core areas: 

  • Collaborative Health Education
    Integrating interprofessional and collaborative health education to shape the workforce of tomorrow
  • Interdisciplinary Health Research
    Catalyzing interdisciplinary collaborations in health research
  • Health Systems
    Advocating for and helping to develop capacity for positive change in health

We channel our work towards strategic objectives under each core area, but there are strong interdependencies across the three. While each objective in the strategic plan is anchored in one of these areas, we enhance connections and facilitate collaborations across all our work. Read more about our strategic objectives.

Our priorities

There are persistent health challenges and inequities that demand a collaborative approach, creating important foci for our work. UBC Health has the ability to help effect change beyond the university by promoting and enabling change in what happens at UBC. Complementing efforts throughout the university and health sectors, we seek to connect diverse expertise and resources across disciplines to help advance education, research, and policy in pressing areas. We have established partnerships with units and organizations, including the Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health, BC Centre on Substance Use, and Rural Coordination Centre of BC.

We continue to work with colleagues and partners to identify ways to support the health of all people in BC, aligning our work with provincial priorities and adapting our approaches and activities accordingly. As priorities evolve, we will continue to develop partnerships to support our work.

Our Strategic Plan

Better Health Together: UBC Health Strategic Plan 2021-2026

If you wish to print our strategic plan, please download the following versions:

OUr Strategic Plan In Action

We are making progress on each of our strategic objectives through a combination of internal facilitation and external mobilization, with faculty members and academic units playing a key role alongside the Office of the Vice-President, Health. In some of this work, the Office of the Vice-President, Health has taken the lead, while in other areas, we promote and support the activities of the faculties, schools, and departments that together constitute UBC Health. In all cases, we are building a community across the university and encouraging new relationships and new opportunities related to health.

Learn about the work we have undertaken to advance our objectives since the launch of the strategic plan:

Plan in Action Initiative Updates