Integrated Curriculum

Patient and Mentor UBC Health is committed to interprofessional learning.

Under the umbrella of ‘UBC Health,’ the health professional programs at the University of British Columbia have implemented an integrated approach to health professional education that supports learning that is unique to each profession; seeks economies of scale for foundational knowledge common to all programs through technology; creates relevant opportunities for interprofessional learning in complex areas of healthcare; and supports programs to meet accreditation standards related to interprofessional education in a meaningful way (interprofessional competencies shown in surrounding spheres) around content areas that benefit from a collaborative approach (shown in the inner circle of the diagram).

Key principles are integrated throughout each activity (shown in the outside circle of the diagram). Integrated topics are delivered in an order that makes sense and builds learning across sessions. The integrated curriculum is designed to ensure interprofessional learning is not an add-on, but a meaningful, required component of students’ programs.

UBC Health Integrated Curriculum