Cross-Sector Dialogue

To build shared understanding and enable collaborative solution-finding for better health in BC, UBC Health has convened people and organizations from all regions of the province and all areas of the Partnership Pentagram Plus to participate in dialogue.

ThoughtExchange Engagement

In 2021, UBC Health partnership facilitated an online engagement process with healthcare users, healthcare providers, administrators, and academics across British Columbia to provide input on priorities for improving health in BC. UBC Health collected 1,130 responses through the ThoughtExchange portal from more than 600 people across British Columbia, reflecting a broad range of backgrounds, such as healthcare users, healthcare providers, administrators, and academics.

Perspectives provided valuable insight about widely supported prospects for positive change. The results were reviewed by the BC Health Systems Partnership, which used the information to select areas of focus for ongoing work. For more information, read the summary report.

Breathe and Weave Health Summit

In January 2023, UBC Health, in collaboration with the BC Health Systems Partnership, hosted a health summit called Breathe and Weave: Talking Across Silos to Enable Health System Improvement. The event brought together people from diverse roles, sectors, and regions across British Columbia to discuss shared priorities for improving BC’s health system and how working together could be better enabled across the system.

The Report from the BC Health Summit provides a reflection on what happened in the summit sessions, which themes emerged through the ideas and perspectives participants shared, and next steps arising from the dialogue.

The following reports provide documentation on participant statements during the summit that related to particular themes: