UBC Health facilitates research collaboration across disciplines to tackle some of our most pressing health challenges.

As these challenges grow increasingly complex, extending and improving the lives of people in British Columbia requires an interdisciplinary approach to research that goes beyond traditional departmental and institutional boundaries. UBC Health has a number of strategic research initiatives to advance interdisciplinary health research and knowledge translation, integrate data, policies, and processes across UBC that support applied interdisciplinary health research, and develop approaches to data use that help address systemic racism and inequities in BC.

UBC Health Dialogue Series

The UBC Health Dialogue Series builds on the considerable strengths across the university and communities by bringing together scholars, students, and community to discuss important issues related to the health and wellbeing of society, such as the collection and use of disaggregated data

Health After 2020

Through the Health After 2020 program, we support researchers to engage in interdisciplinary collaborations and build a community of UBC Health scholars. Through the development of research collaborations, academic outputs, cross-campus conversations, and open dialogue sessions, the program convenes and informs people at the inflection point in our society created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

HIFI Awards

We provide support for catalyzing and advancing collaborative research initiatives through the Health Innovation Funding Investment (HIFI) Awards. As some of the brightest minds across the UBC research ecosystem come together, they will be able to closely collaborate towards innovative and groundbreaking solutions to complex issues.

Upcoming Events

Health After 2020 Dialogue Sessions
  • March 18, 2022: Lost in translation: Why studying sex/gender differences is not enough to move the dial on women’s health
  • April 8, 2022: Home-based virtual reality therapeutics for mental health care: opportunities and challenges 
  • April 27, 2022: Exploring barriers and facilitators to health equity: A public dialogue to advance research agendas related to opioid prescribing for pain conditions
  • May 11, 2022: Engaging patients before and after childbirth from all walks of life in health research

Visit the dialogue sessions page for more information.