Health Student Caucus

The Health Student Caucus (HSC) aims to create an engaging, educational, and social environment where health and human service students have the opportunity to interact with and learn about and from one another. As future healthcare providers, HSC believes in fostering strong interprofessional relationships involving trust, appreciation, respect, and awareness about the role of each healthcare provider on a healthcare team. HSC promotes interprofessional collaboration by:

  • developing and delivering interprofessional education and social activities; 
  • engaging in discussions about common education issues; 
  • advising on interprofessional learning opportunities at UBC campuses; and
  • facilitating training in collaborative leadership skills.

HSC also creates opportunities for students to develop collegial relationships and learn the value of interdisciplinary teamwork and collaborative practice.

Get involved

If you're interested in joining HSC, visit the Interprofessional Health Education Hub on Canvas.

If you have questions, contact Jadiel Pereira, Administrative Assistant, UBC Health at

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The Health Student Caucus is a group of student representatives (1-2) from health and human services programs at UBC who are recruited or appointed through program undergrad societies or program-supported student leadership streams. Programs include Audiology and Speech Sciences, Dental Hygiene, Dentistry, Dietetics, Health and Exercise Sciences, Kinesiology, Medicine, Midwifery, Nursing, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Population and Public Health, and Social Work. 

Five seats are reserved for health and human service students who are not appointed through their programs but are interested in getting involved.

Members are appointed for a one-year renewable term.

What Members Do

HSC members meet regularly to engage in conversation and build interprofessional connections. These interactions enable members to share and learn from each other and identify needs and opportunities to support students in interprofessional learning and relationship building. 

Members work together to propose and deliver student-led activities focused on interprofessional learning and student engagement across health and human services programs. Ad hoc meetings and working groups may be required to execute these projects. 

HSC also works closely with UBC Health to:

  • disseminate information to students about interprofessional learning opportunities;
  • support connections between UBC Health and students; and
  • act as a consultative group for UBC Health-led initiatives.

HSC members benefit from unique leadership development opportunities and receive recognition for their contribution.

Student Leadership Team

HSC consists of a core leadership team that is responsible for co-creating meeting agendas with UBC Health, acting as rotating meeting chair, helping to facilitate and maintain member recruitment processes, and taking on other leadership tasks as needed. A position within the student leadership team is ongoing throughout a member’s term with HSC. 

Sponsorship and Support

The Health Student Caucus is sponsored by UBC Health and receives administrative support for meeting scheduling, managing contact lists, summary and reporting templates, and communications/promotion for HSC initiated events. HSC interprofessional events may also qualify for funding support.