Health Student Caucus

The Health Student Caucus provides a forum for health and human service (HHS) student leaders to discuss common education issues, provide feedback on the development, implementation and evaluation of interprofessional learning opportunities, and ­­­­contribute to the advancement of Interprofessional Education (IPE) at UBC.

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Composition and Organization
  1. The Chair of the committee will be the Associate Vice-President, Health.
  2. Membership will consists of 1-2 HHS students whom each program deems most appropriate as a representative (Audiology and Speech Sciences, Dental Hygiene, Dentistry, Dietetics, Kinesiology, Medicine, Midwifery, Nursing, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Population and Public Health, Social Work). Representatives will be appointed for a one-year renewable term.
  3. The committee will be supported by the Education Program Coordinator in the Office of UBC Health.
  4. Meetings will be scheduled two to three times per year and on an ad hoc basis when needed at the discretion of the Chair and the Caucus, between September and June.
  5. Ad hoc working groups may be formed to address specific projects.
  6. Decisions will be made by consensus.
  7. Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually.
Roles and Responsibilities

Interprofessional Education (IPE)

  1. To act as a think-tank for integration in education across the health and human service programs.
  2. To provide valuable student perspectives on interprofessional curricular issues.
  3. To identify needs and opportunities to support students in common and interprofessional learning.
  4. To promote educational initiatives or collaborative practice opportunities occurring within HHS programs by fostering communication between the programs, student leadership groups and the Health Student Caucus.
  5. To act in an advisory capacity on specific projects; on student representation on specific committees/working groups.
    • When appropriate, assume leadership for specific projects.
  6. To provide a student forum for interprofessional ‘champions’ from each health and human service program to share their ideas and initiatives related to health professional education.
  7. To act as a liaison between the Office of UBC Health and student leadership groups.
Terms and Conditions

Committee members will:

  1. Attend all committee meetings, or inform the committee Chair if you are unable to attend. Meetings are held from September to June.
  2. Be informed about the committee's mandate and initiatives.
  3. Review agenda and supporting materials prior to committee meetings.
  4. Respond to all electronic communication sent to the committee.
  5. Inform their own student organizations or bodies about the work/discussions resulting from the Health Student Caucus meetings.

Chair will: 

  1. Chair the Health Student Caucus.
  2. Work with committee members to establish a strategic plan for the Committee that is aligned with the work of the Office of UBC Health.
  3. Oversee activities of the Health Student Caucus.

  • Anne Martin-Matthews, Associate Vice-President, Health (Chair)
  • Angela Wagner, UBC Health Education Program Coordinator
  • Natania Abebe, SPPH
  • Nafeel Ahmed, Medicine
  • Yasmin Bains, Physical Therapy
  • Ashley Battaglini, Clinical Psychology
  • Eric Bennett, Physical Therapy
  • Jacob Bosancich, Occupation Therapy
  • Alison Chen, Dental Hygiene
  • Courtney Cook, Genetic Counselling
  • Kerris De Champlain, Speech-Language Pathology
  • Golzar Doroudi, Nursing
  • Chris Duke, Pharmacy
  • Charlotte Grant, Midwifery
  • Anna Kwasniak, Dietetics
  • Brandon Lee, Pharmacy
  • Sarah Lim, Medicine
  • Mystica Lopez de Leon, Dental Hygiene
  • Alyssa Low, Pharmacy
  • Joanna Paterson, Nursing
  • Erica Peacock, Genetic Counselling
  • Chrissa Rassias, Social Work
  • Chelsey Reith, Dentistry
  • Tanya Ruscheinski, Dietetics
  • Simran Sidhu, Dentistry
  • Wendy Song, Pharmacy
  • Tori Spangehl, Medicine
  • Lisa Vu, Speech-Language Pathology
  • Julie Zhang, SPPH
  • Gloria Zuljevic, Audiology