UBC Health Awards Committee

The mandate of the UBC Health Awards Committee is to adjudicate all applications and nominations for scholarships and awards managed by UBC Health and make decisions on the most meritorious candidate for each scholarship and award.

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Composition and Organization
  1. The Associate Vice-President, Health or designated delegate will chair the Committee.
  2. Membership will consist of:
    • Five faculty members from across the health disciplines at UBC;
    • two public members;
    • two student representatives in a senior year of any health discipline at UBC.
  3. Term of membership: Two years, renewable.
  4. Committee members will be chosen by the Chair in consultation with the UBC Health Council.
  5. The Committee will be supported by the Administrator, UBC Health.
  6. One main adjudication meeting will be scheduled during the fall each year.
  7. Additional adjudication meeting(s) may be called at the discretion of the Chair to review off-cycle awards.
  8. Decisions will be made by consensus.
  9. Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually.
Roles and Responsibilities
  1. Review and rank all applications and nominations according to eligibility and evaluation criteria, in a critical and fair manner.
  2. Attend adjudication meeting(s) and provide feedback on evaluated candidates.
  3. Deliberate as a group and make adjudication decisions for each scholarship and award by:
    1. making recommendation of successful applicant for each student scholarship; and
    2. making selection of successful candidate for each non-student award.
  4. When attendance to meeting(s) is not possible due to conflicting commitments, provide evaluation and ranking of candidates in writing in advance of the meeting(s).
  5. Read and abide by UBC’s policies on conflict of interest and privacy of information, including:
    1. Policy No. 97: Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment; and
    2. Access and Privacy Guidelines for Selection Committees.
  6. Report to the Chair or Administrator as soon as potential conflict of interest arises.
  7. Provide feedback on the annual competition process and Committee’s Terms of Reference.

The UBC Health Awards Committee is accountable to the UBC Health Council and the UBC Health Executive.

Terms of Reference

Committee Members will:

  1. Attend and participate in all Committee meetings.
  2. Be informed about the Committee’s mandate, policies, and initiatives.
  3. Review agenda and supporting materials prior to Committee meetings.
  4. Inform others about the work of UBC Health and link to the community and stakeholders.

Chair will:

  1. Report to the UBC Health Council and the UBC Health Executive.
  2. Chair the Awards Committee meetings.