Collaborative Health Education Symposia

UBC Health facilitates connections and joint ventures across academic units and with external partners. Through the Collaborative Health Education Symposia series, we aim to foster a culture of purposeful collaborations to advance our strategic objectives of education innovation, expanded placements, and an education ecosystem of team-based care. 

Recognizing that collaborative health education can only be progressed through a combination of internal facilitation and external mobilization—with faculty members and academic units playing a key role alongside UBC Health—the Collaborative Health Education Symposia are designed to activate and channel the health assets of the university towards our collective aims. By bringing together interested partners around educational issues of common concern, the symposia:

  1. Facilitate knowledge exchange and synergies 
  2. Mobilize and coordinate partners 
  3. Create an impetus for internal collaboration 

Each symposium brings partners together in order to:

  • Discuss an educational issue that demands a collaborative approach 
  • Connect diverse expertise and resources across disciplines
  • Facilitate connection and promote collaborative ventures

UBC Health will bring partners together around issues, such as:

  • Enhancing substance use and addictions content
  • Developing collaborative practice education
  • Engaging patient and community educators 
  • Addressing rural practice education 

Each collaborative health education symposium will drive continued transformations in teaching and learning across health and health-related programs, in both classroom and clinical settings, to help foster practices of team-based care.