Talking across silos to enable health system improvements

UBC Health brought together more than 200 people from diverse roles, sectors, and regions across British Columbia at Breathe & Weave: Talking Across Silos to Enable Health System Improvement, a health summit to discuss shared priorities for improving BC’s health system and how working together could be better enabled across the system.

The health summit was a series of three linked dialogue sessions designed to:

  • enable participants to learn from each other about improvement efforts happening in BC;
  • identify areas/aspects of the system where there is potential to expedite and accelerate these efforts overall; and
  • reveal more opportunities for coordination and collaboration to increase positive impact.

The summit included healthcare policymakers, administrators, providers, community members, academics, and partners from organizations interested in health. Participants discussed how to communicate and coordinate more effectively across organizational boundaries and how together they could address urgent issues for health and healthcare in BC.

The summit was the first opportunity in recent years for people representing many regions and sectors to meet on this scale specifically for intersectoral dialogue about health and healthcare in British Columbia in the broadest sense. 

Strategic Objectives

The Breathe and Weave health summit advances the following UBC Health strategic objectives:

  • Public and patient engagement: Expand engagement to advance diverse community priorities, enhance learner experiences, and align research activities
  • Coordinated responses: Coalesce experts and efforts to further collaborative health education and interdisciplinary research in response to pressing health challenges
  • Evidence for new approaches: Help align university and sector activities to establish evidence for new approaches to health

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Posted October 23, 2023


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