Identifying priorities for health system improvements

Working to advocate and help develop capacity for positive change in health systems is part of UBC Health’s expanded remit. This starts with the inclusive and coordinated engagement of practitioners, communities, and policymakers interested in health. To advance the strategic objectives in this core area, UBC Health established a partnership group with representatives from all elements of the WHO Partnership Pentagram, plus linked sectors, such as non-profit organizations.

To determine a focus that would have the most significant health systems impact, the partnership group engaged more than 600 individuals across British Columbia to identify priorities for health system improvements. Participants provided over 1,000 ideas, placing health human resources, access to care, and health system sustainability as focus areas. The group is now pursuing broad, province-wide engagement of all sectors represented in the partnership pentagram plus for collaborative solution-finding, with a commitment to equity and inclusion.

Strategic Objectives

This initiative advances the following UBC Health strategic objectives:

  • Public and patient engagement: Expand engagement to advance diverse community priorities, enhance learner experiences, and align research activities
  • Evidence for new approaches: Help align university and sector activities to establish evidence for new approaches to health

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Posted October 24, 2022


  • Health Systems