Patient & Community Voices Workshop Series

Patient educators leading workshops for students on health care topics  

Interprofessional workshops in which students learn directly from patients and community members through their stories and expertise. Workshops are developed, evaluated and refined by students, patients / community members, and UBC faculty working together in a participatory educational design.

The workshop series includes:

  • Positive Reflections and Voices Unheard: Learning from persons living with HIV
  • The Caregiver's Journey: Heartbreak and love
  • Talk is Cheap: Living and communicating with aphasia
  • Personal Experiences with Epilepsy
  • Stereotypes, Truth and Moving towards Reconciliation: What health professional students need to know about First Nations’ history
  • How to Work with Interpreters
  • Mental Health: Recovery, compassion, and empathy

New workshops continue to be developed.

For information about the current workshop program click here.