PCPE Directors and Staff

William Godolphin
Professor Emeritus, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Godolphin has been a teacher and researcher for many years, with projects and publications ranging across lipoproteins, breast cancer prognostic factors, clinical laboratory toxicology, laboratory automation and medical education. He is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine.

Angela Towle
Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine
Senior Scholar, Centre for Health Education Scholarship, Faculty of Medicine
phone: 604–875–4111

Dr. Towle's expertise, especially in the management of change, builds on her past experience in health services development and change in medical education with the King's Fund, London, UK. She is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, Senior Scholar in the Centre for Health Education Scholarship at UBC, and Academic Director of the UBC Learning Exchange in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Between 2002 and 2010, she was Associate Dean, MD Undergraduate Education in the Faculty of Medicine. 

Cathy Kline
Research Coordinator

Cathy joined PCPE in 2003. She coordinates research and development initiatives that promote patient and public involvement in health professional education at UBC. She has a BA in Psychology from Simon Fraser University and an MA in Health Education from Dalhousie University.

Jen Macdonald
Assistant Coordinator

Jen coordinates the UBC Interprofessional Health Mentors Program and the Patient & Community Voices Workshop Series. She holds a BA in Psychology and a MA in Fine Arts from UBC.

Current Work Learn Students 

Ceara Claridad
Research and Development Assistant 

Andrew Oh
Web Developer

Former employees: staff and student staff (Work Learn and Work Study)

Research Coordinators

Nataliya Karpenko (2009-2010)

Natasha Egeli (2008)

Andrew Laing (2003)

Stephanie Calvert (2001-2002)

Crispin Wye (2000-2001)

Rachael McKendry (1997-2000)

Astrid Richardson (1996-1997)

Assistant Coordinators

Cameron Rogers  

Christy Nanos  

Brianne Nettelfield  

Julie Berthin (2011-2012)

Ann Danilevich (2010-2011)

Sarah Sparks (2009-2010)

Larissa Predy (2008-2009)

Stacey Creak (2008-2009)

Gagun Chhina (2008)

Gina Scarpino (2004-2007, part-time)

Samantha Van Staalduinen (2004-2006)

Amanda LaMarre (2001-2002)

Work Learn / Work Study students​

Sarah Loughton (Kinesiology) 2018-19: Research and Development Assistant 

Rachel Zhu (Commerce) 2018-19: Web Developer

Tobi Reid (Midwifery) 2017: Coordinator FVACFSS Summer Camps

Hilary Low (Anthropology) 2016-2017: Health Mentors Program & Patients in Education

William Liem (Sociology & Public Health) 2016-2017: Coordinator FVACFSS Summer Camps

Adnan Reza (Master of Science in Computer Science) 2017: Patients in Education website development

Gabrielle John (Master of Arts in Political Science) 2015-2016: Coordinator FVACFSS Summer Camps & ‘Where’s the Patient’s Voice in Health Professional Education?’ conference

Ja Young (Janet) Lee (Master of Public Health) 2015-2016: Coordinator Talk to Your Doc

Victor Wakarchuk (Social Work) 2014-2015: Coordinator Talk to Your Doc

Christopher Mill (Master of Public Health)2014-2015: Coordinator FVACFSS Summer Camps

Sally (Yue) Lin (Master of Public Health)2014: Coordinator Talk to Your Doc

Alison Stockwell (Master of Science in Engineering)2013-2014: Coordinator Talk to Your Doc

Jordan Hermiston (Master of Social Work) 2013: Patients as educators

Carrie Hunter (PhD Education): 2012-2013: Coordinator Talk to Your Doc

Denise Kwan (Social Work) 2012-2013: Patient & community voices in health professional education

Manjeet Birk (PhD Education) Summer 2012: Coordinator FVACFSS Summer Camps

Julie Berthin (Master of Arts) 2011-2012: Health Mentors program & Patient & Community Voices

Anastasia Frank (Master of Public Health) 2011-2012: Coordinator Talk to Your Doc

Ellison Richmond (Master of Public Health) 2010-2011: Coordinator Talk to Your Doc & other programs

Emily Laflamme (Master of Public Health) 2009-2010: Coordinator Talk to Your Doc

Mallory Quinn (Human Kinetics) 2009-2010: Community Partnerships for Health Professional Education

Ashley Porter (Midwifery) 2008-2009: Health Care Communication in the Aboriginal Community

Dorothy Kuk (Integrated Sciences) 2009: Coordinator Talk to Your Doc

Kanwar Dhillon (Pharmacy) 2007-2008: Coordinator Talk to Your Doc

Taryn Larsen (Nursing) 2007-2008: Coordinator Talk to Your Doc

Pamela Palani (Science) 2006-2007: Coordinator Talk to Your Doc

Julia Saunders (Master of Education) 2006-2007: Interprofessional course on health care communication

Melissa Fritz (Pharmacy) 2006-2007: Patients as educators in health professional programs at UBC

Christine Sorial (Science) 2006-2007: Doctor-patient communications in the Aboriginal Community

Ramin Joubin (Philosophy) 2005-2006: Bibliography for “Where’s the patient’s voice in health professional education?”

Melissa Niemeyer (Sociology) 2005-2006: Doctor-patient communications in the Aboriginal Community

Carolyn Saunders (Midwifery) 2004-2005: Enabling clients to overcome barriers in health care communication

Samantha Van Staalduinen (Integrated Science) 2002-2003: Cross cultural communication in health care education

Amanda LaMarre (Psychology) 2001-2002: Study of informed shared decision making by family practitioners

Mark Hansen (Education) 2001-2002: Talk to Your Doc - an outreach to high schools

Alexina Alexander (Arts) 2000-2001: Talk to Your Doc – an outreach to high schools

Robbie Dosanjh (Science) 2000-2001: Talk to Your Doc – an outreach to high schools

Sukwinder Sangha (Science) 1999-2000: Patient information to support shared decision making

Greg Doho (Pathology) 1999-2000: Patient information to support shared decision making

Nikki Cheung (Pathology) 1998-1999: Teen Talk

Eileen Edwards (Education) 1998-1999: Teen Talk