UBC Health 30-Day Online Mindfulness Challenge

UBC health professional students are invited to participate in an optional mindfulness program geared towards students looking to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives. 

  • 10 minutes per day of mindfulness training for 30 days
  • Expert-led and evidence-based programming
  • Online on the go platform that can be used anywhere
  • Free to join for UBC health professional students, and includes a buddy of the student's choice

Past participants have found that the challenge helps reduce stress while increasing joy and peak performance in all areas of life including leadership, interpersonal communication, conflict management, and collaborative decision-making. Participants cite feeling healthier, more productive and better able to problem-solve and work in a team.

For more information or to register, visit the IPE Passport. Registration is open weekly for UBC Health professional program students until April 30, 2020.

Questions about registration and access may be directed to ipe@health.ubc.ca


  • Collaborative Health Education