REACH Action Space

The challenges we face in rural and remote health are unprecedented and growing. We need an immediate and integrated response to enhance the capacity and quality of rural health professional trainees and their experiences. 

There are many examples from around the world which demonstrate that dramatic gains in capacity and quality of rural and remote clinical placements are possible in a short timeframe. Some of the approaches are inexpensive and can be quickly deployed while others require a long-view for sustainability.

Action Framework

The Rural Education Acceleration and Collaboration in Health (REACH) Action Framework is a guide for planning and action that can be used to enable a unifying approach to addressing the quality and capacity of rural and remote placements. It is designed to be a flexible and scalable model that may be utilized in any rural or remote area of British Columbia.

The REACH Action Framework aims to deliver fast results at an increased scale. REACH and its cross-sector partners—driven by health professional program demands, UBC Health coordination, and partner commitment—will unify the provincial community’s support for the enhancement of rural and remote learning experiences for health professional students.

The four acceleration themes

Action is driven by four strategic accelerators:

  1. Plan & Innovate
  2. Recruit
  3. Retain
  4. Sustain

Each acceleration theme has associated quick start actions, which are intended to be starting points. Implemented together, they will strengthen capacity for rural and remote placement opportunities for health professional students and create a network of rural and remote health clinicians, academics, health service administrators, and communities to foster innovation.

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On October 21, 2021, UBC Health hosted Going Rural: Enhancing Practice Education, a virtual collaborative health education symposium on practice education in rural and remote areas of British Columbia. The symposium focused on the REACH Action Framework and brought together health partners who have a role in facilitating the delivery of practice education in rural and remote areas of BC to discuss the REACH Action Framework development process, contents, and lessons learned as well as identify collaborative opportunities to utilize the framework in order to enhance capacity and quality of rural and remote practice education.

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Special Interest Group

The Rural/Remote Health Practice Education Special Interest Group (SIG) supports the development of a community of practice for health partners who have a role in facilitating the delivery of practice education in rural and remote areas of BC. The SIG will: 

  • Share best practices, stories, and resources related to practice education in rural/remote BC
  • Discuss new and emerging challenges and opportunities in rural/remote practice education
  • Provide informal opportunities to collaborate with colleagues and partners across the province

If you have a role or interest in addressing the quality and capacity of rural and remote placements, we encourage you to join.

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Play your part

Everyone has a role in solving the rural health crisis and enhancing the quality and capacity of rural and remote health trainee opportunities. By recording and sharing actions, we can review progress, share innovations, use the latest evidence on what works, learn quickly from failure, and adapt to changing realities.

UBC Health will facilitate this collaborative process through the REACH Action Space by sharing initiatives that align with the aims or accelerate the implementation of the REACH Action Framework. Practice education partners are encouraged to register their initiative—undertaken individually or in partnership—as a rural education acceleration action to be included on the REACH Action Space.

Register your rural education acceleration action by emailing UBC Health at

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