Patient & Community Advisory Committee (PAC)

Providing patients’ perspectives and advice

The UBC Health Patient and Community Advisory Committee (PAC) is a standing committee of UBC Health. Its mandate is to act as a resource to:

  • Advise the UBC Health Council
  • Work in partnership to include diverse, autonomous and authentic voices of patients in the education of health and social care professionals
  • Advocate for patients as active collaborators in the role of teachers, assessors, curriculum developers and educational decision makers.

Its membership is recommended by Patients in Education (PIE), an independent group of individual patients and representatives of patient and other health-related not-for-profit organizations based in the community. Its membership is approved by the Health Council.

Terms of Reference


Member Biographies

Darren Lauscher (Co-Chair with Angela Towle, PCPE)

Darren Lauscher has been a teacher, mentor, and course facilitator with UBC since 2012. He has served on numerous planning and advisory committees at the university, including the UBC Health Council. Darren is involved in several research projects at the provincial and the national level and serves on behalf of HIV/AIDS organizations with the McLaren Housing Society of BC to provide safe, secure and affordable housing and support services for families and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Janice Barr

Janice Barr is CEO for the Community Living Society. She has over 30 years of experience in the Community Living field, advocating and supporting people with intellectual disabilities and their families. She has also worked in government (Ministry of Health), post-secondary education (Instructor), and other community organizations. Her education is in Social Work.

Larry Dawe

Larry Dawe is the president of the Myalgic Encephalomelitis & Fibromyalgia (MEFM) Society of BC and has prior experience as a board member for a number of organizations including the Alzheimers Society of Canada. He has experience as a caregiver for his wife (a long term breast cancer patient) and his daughter (myalgic encephalomyelitis).

Kent Loftsgard

Kent Loftsgard has been a mentor and steering committee member with the UBC Health Mentors program for the past 5 years. Kent has participated in a number of advisory committees with Providence Health and was previously a member of the Patient Advisory Group in the College of Health Disciplines. Kent’s work experience is in journalism, media and communications production. He has life-long experience with cerebral palsy and asthma.

Daryl Luster

Daryl Luster is an educator, advocate and peer programs lead of the BC Hepatitis Network. He has experience as a presenter, peer navigator, blogger and designer of an awareness campaign. He brings a broad understanding of issues faced by people living with HCV. His work as an advocate and educator is focused on HCV and improved quality of life for patients.

Sharon Tomlinson

Sharon Tomlinson has an MBA and 16 years experience working in Health Awareness, Education and Promotion. Sharon’s work experience includes Healthy Heart Society, Health & Stroke Foundation as the Health Information Coordinator and Muscular Dystrophy Canada as the Services Specialist for BC and Yukon, and ProBed Medical as the Manager, Client Relationships. In her roles, Sharon was responsible for engaging and motivating clients, connecting them with local resources and helping members put into practice the use of various health related self-management tools, and giving individuals the tools and resources to make an informed decision regarding their health. 

Mandy Young

Mandy Young is the Provincial Family Support and Projects Manager with Family Support Institute of BC. She is also the president of the BC Prader-Willi Syndrome Association. As a mother of a daughter with this rare genetic disorder and Autism she has first-hand experience managing the complex care of an individual with special needs. Since 2012 she has been a Health Mentor for students in the UBC Interprofessional Health Mentors program and has been a member of the UBC Health Patient Advisory Committee since 2018. She is a contributor to the Living Library Project and developed case studies for postgraduate medical education. In her local community of North Vancouver, Mandy facilitates a support group for families with children aged 0-12 with special needs and works with Partners for Inclusive Education which brings together administration, teachers, EA’s, community members and parents to engage in inclusive education from a place of “power with”.

Past Members

Jon Collins (2017-2020) is a member of Arthritis Research Canada’s Patient Advisory Board and co-chair of Reaching Out with Arthritis Research (ROAR). He has seen two sons through UBC medical school and has health care experience as a patient with polio, cancer, and arthritis. He has served on many committees and is retired from a 40-year career in the mining industry.