UBC Health collected 1,130 responses from more than 600 people across British Columbia who participated in an engagement process in January to provide input on priorities for improving health and wellness in BC. Participants reflected a broad range of backgrounds, such as healthcare users, healthcare providers, administrators, and academics.

The perspectives contributed through the ThoughtExchange portal that was used for the process provided valuable insight about widely supported prospects for positive change. The results were reviewed by the Health Systems Advisory Committee to select three areas of focus for ongoing work:

  • health human resources,
  • health system sustainability, and
  • power in healthcare delivery and access to care.

The committee aims to facilitate inclusive and coordinated engagement with academia, health administrators, policymakers, communities, health professionals, and linked sectors to generate intersectoral collaborative solution-finding for better health in BC.

For more information, read the summary report and learn more about the Health Systems Advisory Committee.

Posted March 3, 2022


  • Health Systems