UBC Health is inviting health students at UBC with a passion for interprofessional collaboration to join the Health Student Caucus (HSC) where they will work with students from across the health and human services programs to deliver student-led activities focused on interprofessional learning and student engagement.
HSC aims to create an engaging, educational, and social environment where health and human service students have the opportunity to interact with and learn about and from one another. As future healthcare providers, HSC members believe in fostering strong interprofessional relationships involving trust, appreciation, respect, and awareness about the role of each healthcare provider on a healthcare team.
The Health Student Caucus has a limited number of special interest positions that are available to students who have not been appointed as an HSC member through their program or student leadership stream. The first Health Student Caucus meeting for the academic year is October 3, 2023, so students interested in applying for a special interest position are encouraged to apply soon.
Students can learn more about the Health Student Caucus and how to apply for a special interest position on the Interprofessional Health Education Hub.

Posted September 18, 2023


  • Collaborative Health Education