Health programs have access to a new resource for integrating patients into their curricula.

UBC Health’s Patient & Community Partnership for Education (PCPE) has a database of more than 100 patients who are available for a range of learning activities. Educators can incorporate patients’ lived experiences into curricula through patient interviews, panels, workshops, guest speakers, student-led/directed studies projects, small group discussions, and case studies. PCPE can also connect programs with patients who have specific health conditions.

PCPE developed the database of patients with diverse experiences and interests in educational roles in order to meet the increasing demand for patient engagement. The database can also be used to target recruitment more equitably and avoid overburdening volunteers.

To connect with PCPE’s patients, or for more information, email Cathy Kline, Research Coordinator, PCPE at

Posted on October 15, 2021


  • Collaborative Health Education
  • Patient + Community Partnerships