New and Improved Meeting of Experts Website

As requested in the UBC Health Patient Engagement Framework, Patient & Community Partnership for Education (PCPE) has launched a central hub for patient and community involvement in health professional education at UBC. 'Meeting of Experts' is a platform for patient engagement in health professional education coordinated by PCPE at UBC Health.

Active participation by patients and people with lived experience from the community is an essential component of training future professionals for patient-centred, team-based care. People with chronic health concerns and other “expert patients” have important life experiences and expertise that can and should enrich professional education.

Why ‘Meeting of Experts’?

Patients and healthcare professionals have different kinds of expertise. Both are essential. Health professionals and their students have learning of and access to scarce and specialist knowledge. Patients know their own lives and are expert witnesses of the healthcare system.
Faculty, students, patients and community organizations can use the 'Meeting of Experts' website to find the latest information about opportunities to bring patient and community voices into the education of future health professionals.


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