UBC Health is pleased to announce that Michelle Hamilton has joined the team as Education Program Manager.
Michelle will work closely with leadership to operationalize UBC Health’s strategic collaborative health education initiatives and will lead the delivery of complex interprofessional education curriculum programs and activities. She will play an integral role in operationalizing our mandate to deliver interprofessional education programming through collaboration with faculty, staff, and diverse patient and community partners and coordination across multiple schools, departments, faculties, and campuses at UBC.
Michelle has more than a decade of experience coordinating collaborative and competency-based educational programs, including a diverse list of logistically complex learning events. She was initially recruited to UBC through Island Health to work for the Faculty of Medicine in Victoria and spent seven years supporting the expansion of postgraduate medical education programs on Vancouver Island, adopting innovative administrative processes for distributed learning. In 2020, Michelle began working as Interprofessional Education Coordinator for the UBC Medical Undergraduate Program in Vancouver and contributed to the delivery of the UBC Health Integrated Curriculum and other interprofessional workshops across multiple sites centered around professionalism, cultural safety, and patient-centered care. Michelle uses her experience with building interprofessional relationships and working within distributed education programs to enhance interprofessional education opportunities across the province.
Please join UBC Health in welcoming Michelle.

Posted October 12, 2023


  • Collaborative Health Education