UBC Health’s Patient and Community Partnership for Education has had a successful academic year with the Patient and Community Voices workshop series.

The series consists of interprofessional workshops where students from health and human service programs learn directly from patients and community members through their stories and expertise. Workshops are developed, evaluated, and refined by students, patients, community members, and UBC faculty working together in a participatory educational design.

The 2020-21 series included nine workshops facilitated by 37 patient and community partners for 189 students from 12 programs. The series included four new workshops developed in partnership with 10 community organizations. 

Topics included the impacts of poorly understood chronic diseases, moving towards reconciliation in healthcare, substance use care and addressing stigma, empathy and compassion, and enhancing care for teenage girls who live in poverty.

All workshops were delivered online due to the COVID-19 pandemic and were rated as highly by students as the in-person format. 

To learn more about the workshop series, read the report.

Posted July 12, 2021


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