In addition to the general, open call for the Health Innovation Funding Investment (HIFI) Awards, UBC Health has supported projects under focused streams.    

2023: Healthy Aging

There are persistent health challenges and inequities that demand a collaborative approach. Complementing efforts throughout the university and health sectors, UBC Health seeks to connect diverse expertise and resources across disciplines to help advance education, research, and policy in pressing areas such as aging and chronic disease. In Canada, there are more seniors than there are children. And as the proportion of seniors continues to grow, we find ourselves confronting new health challenges centred on maintaining seniors’ health and independence and preventing and treating diseases associated with aging. In response to this challenge, UBC Health has partnered with the Edwin S.H. Leong Centre for Healthy Aging to support healthy aging research at UBC and is supporting projects that take an interdisciplinary approach to address health challenges related to aging.  

2022: Health Equity

Health can be measured in many ways, for example, based on the presence or absence of disease, or through more qualitative understanding of personal or community assets and capabilities. Threats to health and inequities in health can be addressed through thoughtful public policy, supportive environments that encourage community action and individual skills, and strong healthcare systems that include prevention. UBC Health supported projects that focused on initiatives which promoted diversity and inclusion and had the potential to impact health equity across individuals, communities, and societies.

2022: Team-Based Care

Team-based models of care are being developed and implemented across BC. Within these provincial efforts to establish and enhance collaborative approaches to care, there is a critical need to support this transformation in BC with education, research, evaluation, and knowledge translation. UBC Health supported projects that focused on initiatives that contributed to provincial efforts to establish and enhance team-based care, particularly in areas that address education and pedagogy or system change and outcomes.

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