Unhealthy diets have well-established links to the development of many chronic diseases, specifically diabetes and obesity.

Likewise, healthy eating and nutrition management are foundational components in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases. 

At UBC, there are over 40 researchers working on various aspects of nutrition using a variety of approaches, including basic, clinical, social, and population-level research. These researchers span both campuses and 7 Faculties, including Medicine, Education, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Science, Land and Food Systems, UBC-O Faculty of Health & Social Development and UBC-O Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences.

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Cross-cutting researcher gathering—On September 11th, 2017, Helen Burt, AVP Research & Innovation, and Mike Coughtrie, Dean of Pharmaceutical Sciences, hosted a gathering of researchers working across Faculties in Diabetes, Obesity, Nutrition, & Physical Activity to identify and create opportunities for cross-cutting research collaboration. For more information on the research exchange or to ensure that you are added to this communications list for nutrition and health research, e-mail Kyle Demes.