Health professional students at UBC are fortunate to be able to interact with a broad range of students in other programs. These programs range in academic level (undergraduate/graduate), length of program, and student enrollment. UBC Health partners with the following programs to deliver the Integrated Curriculum to more than 2,000 students each year:

Pie chart displaying the percentage of students from each health program enrolled in the Integrated Curriculum in 2022/23: Medicine 27%, Pharmacy 20%, Nursing (UBC-V) 13%, Physical Therapy 10%, Occupational Therapy 6%, Dentistry 6%, Audiology and Speech Language Pathology 4%, Social Work 4%, Dietetics 4%, Dental Hygiene 2%, Midwifery 2%, Genetic Counselling 1%, Clinical Psychology (UBC-V) 0.6%, Clinical Psychology (UBC-O) 0.4%