John F. McCreary Prize for Interprofessional Teamwork

The John F. McCreary Prize was created to recognize and promote interprofessional teamwork in the health and human service professions. The award is named after Dr. John F. McCreary, the first coordinator of health sciences at UBC, and is intended to draw attention to Dr. McCreary’s vision of interprofessional collaboration in clinical work and education and the value of a team approach in meeting the healthcare needs of British Columbians. The first McCreary Prize was awarded in 1994.

The prize is valued at $1,500 and will be presented to a representative of the award recipient team.

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Eligibility Criteria
  1. The nominee must be an established group, hospital, or organization working in the provision of health and/or human services in British Columbia.

  2. The activities forming the basis for the nomination must reflect the cooperation of three or more health or human service disciplines in a manner that demonstrates innovation, excellence, or both.

  3. The activities must demonstrate creative teamwork leading to improved patient care.

Nominations may be eligible on the basis of clinical and/or educational teamwork. For example, a foundation or hospital may be nominated for exemplary activities that reflect an interprofessional philosophy. Similarly, a group of practitioners may be nominated for devising new interprofessional approaches that improve the delivery of health care services. New initiatives are welcome. Past nominations that were not successful are also welcome to reapply.

Note: The following persons may not be nominated for the McCreary Prize:

  • Faculty and staff members of the Office of the Vice-President, Health

  • Serving members of the UBC Health Awards Committee

Nomination Process

Complete the online nomination form and include nomination letters from at least two health professionals or educators from different disciplines whose interprofessional collaboration experiences have been positively impacted by the nominated team.

Nomination letters should describe the nominated team’s contributions towards interprofessional collaborative patient-centred care and must include specific examples of how the team meets the eligibility criteria.

Other documentation to support the nomination may also be submitted. This may include relevant program materials, evaluation data, peer feedback, patient testimonials, etc.

Selection Process

The McCreary Prize recipient team is selected by the UBC Health Awards Committee, which is composed of UBC faculty members, students, and public members from the health community. 

By accepting the McCreary Prize, the recipient team members consent to having their names and photos published in UBC Health communications.


If you have any questions, please contact Susana Leon, Administrator, UBC Health at

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