R. Paul Kerston Community Educator Award

The 2020 competition is closed. 

Read the 2020 Award announcement.

For patient/community educators who have expanded student learning beyond traditional professional boundaries.

Named after long-time community educator, R. Paul Kerston, this annual award was established in 2014 to honour outstanding community educators who have made a difference to student learning at UBC.

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Eligibility criteria
  1. For a patient/community educator who has made an outstanding contribution* to student learning and/or student professional development in health and human service programs at UBC.
  2. Current faculty are NOT eligible.
  3. Current clinicians/health professionals are NOT eligible.
  4. Previous award winners are not eligible but other nominees can be nominated again.

*Evidence considered to demonstrate outstanding contribution to student learning and/or student professional development includes:

  • Number of students impacted;

  • Length of time of impact on students;

  • Nature of impact and values instilled on students (e.g. Values of interprofessional practice, patient-centred care, accessibility, lived experience, holistic learning, community engagement by students).

Note: The following persons may not be nominated for the Kerston Award:

  • Staff members of the Office of UBC Health

  • Serving members of the UBC Health Awards Committee

Nomination process

A nomination form must be completed online and must include nomination letters from at least two nominators whose experiences have been positively impacted by the nominated individual. Nominations can be made by anyone (student, community member, community agency, staff, faculty) but must be seconded by at least one student.

Nomination letters should describe the nominee’s contributions to student learning and/or student professional development in health and human service programs at UBC, and must include specific evidence of how the nominee meets the eligibility criteria and why the nominee is deserving of the award.

Other documentation to support the nomination may also be submitted. This may include testimonials, quotes from students, film, art work, supporting photos, etc.

How to submit a nomination

Complete and submit the online nomination form by the nomination deadline.


Selection process

The Kerston Award winner(s) are selected by the UBC Health Awards Committee, which is composed of UBC faculty members, students, and public members from the health community. 

By accepting the Kerston Award, winner(s) consent to having their name(s) published on the UBC Health and UBC Patient & Community Partnership for Education websites, as well as related newsletters and promotional materials.


Please contact Veronica Grant at ubchealth.admin@ubc.ca.

Past recipients