UBC TEAM-based primary care living lab

TBC @ UBC, under the leadership of UBC Health, is currently working to engage potential partners and key stakeholder groups around the idea of a UBC Team-Based Primary Care Living Lab.*  As team-based models of healthcare, such as Primary Care Networks (PCN), are being developed and implemented across the province, UBC is uniquely positioned to build a ‘living lab’ to build and test models of team-based primary healthcare; test tools and supports for team development and practice improvement; conduct research and evaluations to identify promising practices; develop innovative models of collaborative health education; and disseminate findings to support system transformation. Our goal is to bring together partner groups to collectively create a vision for a UBC TBC Living Lab and build a realistic plan towards achieving such a vision.

The concept of a ‘Living Lab’ is not new and is being used widely to refer to physical geographic regions or virtual spaces that involve partnerships through which stakeholders collaborate to create, prototype and test innovations in order to contribute to real-life contexts (Leminen, 2013; Westerlund & Leminen, 2011).