UBC TEAM-based care Network

Under the leadership of UBC Health, TBC @ UBC, is working to engage potential partners and key groups to create a vision for a collaborative UBC team-based care network that would develop a collaborative learning environment to:

  • build and test models of team-based primary healthcare;
  • test tools and supports for team development and practice improvement;
  • conduct research and evaluations to identify promising practices;
  • develop innovative models of collaborative health education; and
  • disseminate findings to support system transformation.
Leveraging UBC Assets

As an initial step, TBC @ UBC brought together potential partners and key groups for a visioning retreat in May-June 2020. TBC @ UBC and retreat participants contributed to the development of an asset map highlighting the wide range of clinical, educational, research, and evaluation assets, as well as expertise and relationships, related to team-based care across UBC. These resources can be leveraged to contribute to the advancement of team-based care and education. The asset map is an iterative document and will grow and evolve through networking and collaboration as we continue to engage a broader range of partners. 

View the TBC Asset Map.