Team-based care (TBC) is a vision for the future of primary care in British Columbia. TBC@UBC is a dynamic collaborative providing services and resources that can be leveraged to support team-based care in BC. Our strengths are our cross-disciplinary partnerships and collaborative network.


The TBC@UBC collaborative provides a wide range of services and resources that meet the evolving needs of teams. We work closely with teams to ensure all professions have access to the right training and resources, in the right place, at the right time based on where they are in the team development process.

Team Engagement

Get support to successfully bring team members together in the spirit of collaboration.

Team Planning and Design Service

Get help identifying who should be on your team (patient medical homes/primary care networks) in a way that considers the service needs for your population. Participate in an interactive workshop in your community that will help you consider how your team could be structured to meet the needs in your community.

Learning Needs Assessment

Want to connect with relevant training supports that meet the unique learning needs of your team, but don’t know what those learning needs are? Contact us. We will then connect you with the right resources and supports from across the province based on those needs.

Customized Workshops

Team-based care requires a change in practice and teams need to be provided with the time and support to learn new ways of practicing and working together to care for patients and clients. Bringing together all team members at the same time to learn how to work together as a team is integral to the success of team-based care, but can be challenging. We develop and deliver customized training sessions that are designed to meet the learning needs of your team in a way that fits within your unique time and delivery constraints. We have evidence-based, flexible content that can be customized for a 1 hour to multi-day longitudinal delivery format.

Team Evaluation

Access and utilize an adaptable evaluation framework and data presentation tool that will help you plan evaluations for your project and access data to inform practice improvement.


Support for data access and analytics, research, and evaluation.

Best Practice Resources – Webinar Series

We deliver a series of monthly, one-hour webinars on team-based care that address questions from the community related to real issues that need to be addressed as a team. Our webinar community already includes providers, divisions of family practice, decision makers, health regions, and academics.

Foundation of Team-Based Care - Online Modules

What is team-based care? What does it look like? How will it change my practice? How will it impact the care of my patients? The importance of establishing a common understanding of team-based care before bringing teams together cannot be understated. It is important to ensure all team members (leadership, management, private practitioners and health authority staff) are committed to team-based approaches to care, have the same understanding of team-based care, and speak the same language. We are developing a series of online modules, based on the widely used IPC on the Run modules, which will ensure your team shares a common understanding of what we mean by team-based care. Access IPC on the Run, which is already available and being used across the province, now: www.ipcontherun.ca


Our centralized TBC@UBC contact can help you identify your needs and will connect you with the right resources and supports.

Email tbc@health.ubc.ca.


  • Office of UBC Health
  • Innovation Support Unit, Department of Family Practice
  • UBC CPD, Faculty of Medicine
Steering Committee 

Joseph Anthony

Bob Bluman

Sarah Fletcher

Brenna Lynn

Christie Newton


Sue Murphy

Morgan Price

Sabrina Wong

Victoria Wood

Health Professions Education Coordinator, Faculty of Medicine

Executive Medical Director, Continuing Professional Development, Faculty of Medicine

Research Manager, Innovation Support Unit

Associate Dean, Continuing Professional Development, Faculty of Medicine

Interim Co-Head, Department of Family Practice; 
Director, Continuing Professional Development and Practice Education, UBC Health

IPE Lead, Faculty of Medicine

Interim Co-Head, Department of Family Practice;
Director, Innovation Support Unit

Director, Centre for Health Services and Policy Research

Curriculum Manager, UBC Health


TBC@UBC is working closely with other stakeholders across the province to ensure teams have access to the right services and resources. We understand the evolving landscape of team-based care in BC and can connect you with services at UBC and across the province.