Patient and Community Partnership for Education

Pinning keyword "mentor" on board Patient and community engagement (PCPE) in education is a key factor in promoting better health care.

PCPE works to bring patient and community voices into the education of health professional students to promote a partnership model of health care. PCPE’s aim is to increase patient involvement in decision-making through collaborative research, development of community-driven programs and patient participation in health professional education.

Current work focuses on activities that enable patients and community members to contribute life experiences and expertise to enhance the education of students so that future health professionals provide care that is patient/client-centred and meets society’s needs. PCPE develops, implements and evaluates innovative educational interventions that are both multi-professional and interprofessional. The work is funded by multiple granting agencies and is both informed by, and contributes to, health professions education scholarship.

Patient & Community Partnership for Education

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Patients in education

PCPE partners with Patients in Education, an independent group of patient educators and representatives from community based not-for-profit organizations.

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