Mental Health

Mental illness has an impact on every aspect of human life and society.

Mental health is complex. It is shaped by our genes, environment, diet and social interactions. As such, our understanding of such a multi-faceted issue can only be advanced through a truly interdisciplinary and inter-professional approach.

Moreover, mental illness costs Canadians an estimated over-$50 billion per year in direct and indirect costs, presenting a clear need for improved treatment and prevention.

At UBC, there are over 130 researchers working on various aspects of mental health using a variety of approaches, including basic, clinical, social, and population-level research. These researchers span both campuses and 11 Faculties, including Medicine, Arts, Education, Applied Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Science, Dentistry, Law, Forestry, Land and Food Systems, UBC-O Faculty of Health & Social Development and UBC-O Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences.

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News & Events

Cross-cutting researcher gathering—On May 8th, 2017, Helen Burt, AVP Research & Innovation, and Mike Coughtrie, Dean of Pharmaceutical Sciences, hosted a gathering of researchers working across Faculties in Mental Health to identify and create opportunities for cross-cutting research collaboration.