Award for Outstanding Leadership in Advancing Interprofessional Professional Development

This award is under review and not currently available for nominations.

The Award for Outstanding Leadership in Advancing Interprofessional Professional Development honours an outstanding individual or health care team that promotes professional development in the areas of collaborative teaching among different health care professionals and/or collaborative patient-centred practice to support excellence in the delivery of patient-centred care.

The award is valued at $1,000 and will be presented to an individual or health care team in an educational or practice setting.

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Eligibility criteria
  1. The nominee must be an individual health educator or professional, or an established team of health educators and/or professionals from community, hospital or university-based settings;
  2. the nominee is recognized for its contributions to interprofessional professional development in the areas of collaborative teaching and/or collaborative patient-centred practice among different health care professionals; and
  3. the activities forming the basis for the nomination must demonstrate unique and innovative contributions that have had significant impact on the interprofessional professional development of colleagues, educators, or professionals within the Province of British Columbia.

Note: The following persons may not be nominated for this Award:

  • Faculty and staff members of the Office of UBC Health

  • Serving members of the UBC Health Awards Committee

Nomination process

A nomination form must be completed online and must include nomination letters from at least two health professionals or educators from different disciplines whose professional development has been positively impacted by the nominated individual or team.

Nomination letters should describe the nominated individual or team’s contributions towards interprofessional collaborative patient-centred care and professional development in this area, and must include specific examples of how they meet the eligibility criteria. The contribution to interprofessional professional development may encompass development, scholarship, administration, and will be assessed on originality, relevance and sustainability.

Other documentation to support the nomination may also be submitted. This may include relevant professional development program materials, peers’ feedback, evaluation data, etc.

How to submit a nomination


Selection process

The winning nomination will be selected by the UBC Health Awards Committee, which is comprised of UBC faculty members, students and public members from the health community.

By accepting the award, winner consents to having winner’s name published on the UBC Health website for the purpose of promoting UBC Health Awards.


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